Circling the Lion's Den

PGU KGB structure

External intelligence even during the time of KGB USSR was quite an independent organization and was even located in other building - at Yasenevo (agents cant - "in forest"). Everybody considered the officers by intelligence as "white bone, the elite" in comparison with other KGB officers: advanced intellectuals who had censorious remarks in regard to the existent politic structure.


  • R department (operative planning and analysis)
  • K department (counter-inelegance)
  • C department (illegals)
  • OT department (operative-technical)
  • I department (computer service)
  • T department (scientific-technical intelligence)
  • Department of intelligence information (analysis and evaluation)
  • RT department (operations at the USSR territory)


A Service (misinformation: secret operations)

R Service (radio communication)

A Service of Eighth department by PGU KGB (encrypt services)


USA. Canada

Latin America

Great Britain, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Scandinavia

East Germany, West Germany, Austria

Countries of Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, Romania

China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, North Korea

Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines

Countries of Middle East including Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Turkey

English speaking countries of Africa

French speaking countries of Africa

Contacts with socialist countries

Registration and archives

Electronic interception and operations against encrypt services of western countries

India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma

Arabian countries of Middle East and Egypt


Contacts with the underdeveloped countries