Circling the Lion's Den

Service of external intelligence history

Up to 1991 the External intelligence comprised KGB USSR under the name of First Headquarters and its leader was the first deputy chairman of Committee of state security.

As a result of KGB reorganization after the August putsch Leonid Shebarshin was appointed a chief of KGB USSR, previously he was a leader of PGU. E.M. Primakov came to his place on September 30, 1991.

He and KGB chairman Bakatin (Shebarshin sent in his papers a day after his own appointment) presented their proposals concerning elimination of intelligence bodies from KGB compound. On November, 6 Primakov was appointed the Director of Central service of intelligence (CSR), USSR.

On Nov 25, 1991 the USSR President issued the order which approved the Temporary condition on CSR USSR.

On Dec 4, 1991 KGB USSR was divided into Inter-republic service of security, Central service of intelligence and Committee on guard of state USSR boarder which was approved by the last USSR Law - "On reorganization of state security bodies". On Dec 2, 1991 a first deputy director of CSR was appointed - V.I. Trubnikov, on Dec 5 - deputies: V.I. Gurgenov, Y.A. Zubakov, V.M. Roghkov and A.A. Scherbakov.

SVR was formed by RSFSR President decree, Dec 18, 1991 on the basis of Central service of intelligence, USSR.

On Dec 26, Primakov became SVR director and he was assigned to present a project of Condition on SVR, its structure and personnel.

On Jul 8, 1992 it was enacted a Law of RF on external intelligence.

On Sep 30, 1992 a decree on Government reorganization provided its rename into Federal service of external intelligence of Russia, but its rename was canceled by a decree, Oct 7, 1992.