Circling the Lion's Den

SVR structure

SVR Director - Sergey Nikolayevich Lebedev

Press-secretary of SVR director - Samolis Tatyana Viktorovna


Group of consultants:

Bureau on public relations and press relations


First deputy - Scherbakov Alexey Anatoliyevich


  • Gorelovsky Ivan Ivanovich
  • Yerin Viktor Fedorovich
  • Deputy director, chief of personnel department
  • Deputy director on science
  • Deputy director on services

Deputy director on regions, leaders of the appropriate departments

Radio center providing communication with SVR residents abroad


  • Department of analysis and information
  • Department of external counter-intelligence
  • Department of operative technics
  • Department of economic intelligence
  • Computer and information department

SVR Academy

Service of external intelligences precursor is the First Headquarters of KGB USSR.


  • Official information
  • CDROM Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, 1996