Circling the Lion's Den

Enemy/ Opponent/ Ally

This section is devoted to the special services of other countries. Meanwhile its known the states often transfers from one category to another one - from the enemy to the ally and backwards. Thats why in this list are the countries with which the Russian special services are intercrossed one way or the other without reference to their present attitude towards Russia...



East Europe





Portal on the Arabian-Israelite conflict

Peace is not expected at the Middle East in the foreseeable future, thats why weve decided to devote a particular attention to a role of the special services in the existent there events. And now weve created a not great portal concerning this conflict.

Americans are discontented with their space intelligence

The Congress Commission on activity studying of National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) - American space intelligence - has drawn a conclusion that the center has lost greatly in its level since cold war end. First of all because of the inadequacy earmarking and to the dearth of the Presidents, Security Secretarys and CIAs attention. The Commission has drawn a conclusion that the American spy satellites can become deaf and get if the NRO budget would not be increased.


Vatican and CIA: dangerous relations

"Agentura" proves it out the information about close CIA cooperation with the appropriate Vatican services. It has been just issued a new book by Nigel West The Third secret: CIA, The Solidarity and KGB plot on the Pope removal at London publishing house. Its told in the book about both conjoint actions of CIA and Vatican in the countries of Eastern Europe (first of all - in Poland) and about KGB attempt to prevent from this activity. The author claims that it was the Committee of state security that stood for the Popes attempt on May 13, 1981.

CIA replied to charge of The Kursk shipwreck

Lets remind that several days ago appeared the photos of the damaged submarine at newspaper The Versiya which were made by the GRU intelligence satellite. On November 6, Bill Gertz published the article Russian merchant ships are used for spying at The Washington Times. There with reference to the sources at the American special services (CIA report, July 2000) its submitted that the Russian merchant ships work for GRU by spying over the American submarines.

Russian mathematician is charged of spying in the USA

By newspaper The Seattle Post-Intelligencers information in the USA a Russian mathematician Alexey Yeremin is charged of spying. He had the access to the American super computer where the data on the Lockheed Martin and other military technologies had been kept. Its claimed that Yeremin, a vice-president of Elegant Mathematics Company specializing at software and performing the orders for the Lockheed Martin could easy get the access to the customers secrets. Besides FBI suspects that Yeremins company has a close relation with Russian special services. Its like that the Americans at last have found what to say as a reply at Popes matter. And together with this they have found how to denude of work the Russian programmers trying to realize themselves in the USA

Litvinenko whipped away to Great Britain

A former officer of RF FSB Alexander Litvinenko arrived to the London airport Heathrow with his family where he made a declaration by asking the political asylum with the Great Britain authority. There he also gave a press conference where he claimed that non-stop victimization from the side of Russian special services had forced him to do that step. Besides he stated that he knew a lot including Moscow blasts