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There have been added in russian part the biographies of writers specializing at the theme of special services both Russian and foreign ones. Kolosov, Mlechin, Boltunov, Cassis, Le Carre, Fleming, Clancy and other people.

The Security & Intelligence Digest from Aleksey Shcherbakov

Secrecy News from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy

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The Belorusskaya delovaya gazeta" has joined us

On Dec 07, the leading Belorussian democratic edition "The Belorusskaya delovaya gazeta" became a participant of "Agentura" project. We hope that publications of our colleagues from this edition will allow to trace more carefully that occurs at Alexander Lukashenko' special services today.

Attempt that there was not?

Within the cooperation with Russian Deadline we publish their research on Tikhonov matter. “In March a leader of one criminal group at Novosibirsk addressed to FSB. He told to the investigative on money receipt from Viktor Tikhonov for A. Tuleyev killing organization. However, there was not such a killing and the money was spent at other purposes. A. Tikhonov submits that all these people are at large and the money has been spent by them after the self-reported appearance at FSB…