Circling the Lion's Den

Joint projects with Media

Agentura.Ru supports projects with many Russian media: monthly paper Sovershenno Secretno, weekly newspaper Moscow News, Ekho Moskvy radio and other media.

Our projects:

  • With Moscow News. Started 19 March 2004. Covering intelligence and security services.
  • Ekho Moskvy. Started 28 March 2004. Comments on Sunday about intelligence and secret agencies.
  • Publishing house Nacional. Started March 2004. Preparing of article about nationalism problems and ethnic conficts.
  • Dreamscanner Productions. Cooperation in creation of Disbelief - documentary film by Andrei Nekrasov. It’s American-style investigative reporting why terrorists would bomb a broken-down apartment building in Moscow in 1999.
  • Weekly paper Versia. Started January 2002. Covering intelligence and security services.
  • Magazine Delovaya chronicle. Started April 2002. Covering business problems in hot points, mercenary problems, business and secret services etc.
  • Magazine Confident. Started February 2002. Preparing intelligence history articles.