Circling the Lion's Den








Russian immigrants in the US stole military technology for Russia

Russia’s draft treason law: a new big freeze

Internet filtering introduced in Russia


FSB buildings under attack

The worsening situation in the Elbrus

Domodedovo Airport attacked by a suicide bomber

Black leather coats are ordered for "high-ranking FSO officers"

Russia's blogosphere under attack

Airstrike in Ingushetia: 16 militants killed, including Supyan Abdulayev


Romanian spy Gabriel Grecu, who worked in Moscow under diplomatic cover, exposed

Amateur cartographer Sipachev convicted on charges of handing over maps to US military intelligence

Terrorist attack on the Baksan hydroelectric station

Russian intelligence agent exposed in the Czech Republic

SVR illegal spy ring exposed in the US

Bombing in Stavropol

Dual suicide bombings in the Moscow subway

FSB officers detained in Ukraine on espionage charges

FSB Director accused "some political forces" of supporting terrorists

Medvedev signed a law allowing the FSB to issue warnings to individuals whose actions are deemed to be creating the conditions for crime

FSB capture Amir Magas in Ingushetia

Kabardian Insurgent Leader Anzor Astemirov killed

Said Buryatsky eliminated


FSB officers briefly expelled from Crimea, Ukraine

New bomb attack against Nevsky Express train

Interior Ministry HQ in Nazran bombed

Russian spies exposed in Romania

Natalia Estemirova murdered

Sex tape used to smear American diplomat

Senior British diplomat resigned after being filmed in a sexual encounter with two women thought to be prostitutes

Russia refused to review national anti-terrorism laws affecting freedom of speech

Ministry of Communications grant FSB access to postal items without the court decision

Medvedev sacks military intelligence chief

Russia ends anti-terrorism operation in Chechnya

Counter-extremism campaign intensified


10 Georgian spies arrested in Russia

Prison service officer convicted of espionage for Lithuania

Estonian Defense Ministry official Herman Simm exposed as Russian spy

Suicide bombing in Vladikavkaz

Counter Organized Crime Unit Head shot dead in the North Ossetia

Counter Organized Crime Unit Head killed in Kabardino-Balkaria

Trial for the murder of Anna Politkovskaya

FSB agent Novikov who infiltrated into Kasparov organization has fled to Denmark

Book containing defector Tretyakov's memoirs published in the US

Officer with Russian Embassy in Latvia declared persona non grata

Official at the Japan's Prime Minister's Office accused of spying for Russia

Defendants in crimes against the state denied a jury trial

Communications providers obliged to provide the secret services with remote access

War in the South Ossetia


FSB colonel Valentin Shabaturov sentenced to 12 years for espionage

Arsentyev, former employee with the Russian Defense Ministry Research Institute, sentenced to 9 years for espionage

Official of the Norwegian Defense Ministry declared persona non grata

Bus bombed in Nevinnomyssk

Bus bombed in North Ossetia

Bus bomb kills eight in Tolyatti

Security crisis in Ingushetia expands

"Nevsky Express" train targeted by terrorists

Poland's Ambassador to Austria is suspected of spying for Russia

BfV: Russian intelligence tries to recruit young lawmakers and academics in Germany

In Britain, former Army trooper suspected of spying for Russia

Russia's double agent exposed in Spain

Russian official detained in Austria for espionage in Germany

Washington: Russias covert foreign intelligence operations against America have reached cold war levels under Putin

The Grouping of Troops in the North Caucasus formed

Mikhail Fradkov appointed Foreign Intelligence (SVR) director

Public Council at the FSB established

Putin pledges to increase FSB funding, asked to work on elections

Patrushev: foreign intelligence services show interest in the elections

Terrorist attack prevented in Moscow on Victory Day (May 9th)

Warlord Ganishev assassinated in Grozny

FSB carried out special operation in Kyrgyzstan


Andrei Dumenkov found guilty of spying for Germany

Prison service officer arrested for spying for Lithuania

GRU retired officer Skripal convicted for spying for MI6

FSB accuses group of British diplomats of spying and funding NGOs (Spy Rock scandal)

Explosion at Cherkizovsky market

SVR 'illegal' agent arrested in Canada

Russian embassy officials in Iraq kidnapped and killed

Bomb attack on deputy interior minister of Ingushetia

Russian scientist arrested for spying in Sweden

Litvinenko poisoned

Russian citizen in Nigeria accused of spying

Anna Politkovskaya is killed

Russian officers arrested in Georgia on spying charges

FSB versus Novosibirsk scientist Oleg Korobeinichev

G8 join fight against terrorism

HUMINT directly subordinated to GRU, Intelligence departments in armed forces abolished

Secret services given rights to eliminate terrorists abroad

National Anti-Terrorism Committee established

Law On Counterering Terrorism adopted

Shamil Basayev killed

Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev assassinated


The FSB lieutenant colonel sentenced to 10 years for espionage

Toshiba employee accused of espionage for Russia

Militants' attack on Nalchik

Second volume of "Mitrokhin's archive" published

FSB unmasked a Western plot against the regime in Belarus

MI5 report on growth of Russian espionage in the UK

FSB against TsNIIMASh-Export

Scientist Oscar Kajbyshev accused of disclosing state secret

President Putin proposes bill "On parliamentary investigation"

FSB to hand over prisons to the Ministry of Justice

Special operation in a village of Borozdinovskaya: 11 victims

Aslan Maskhadov killed


Lithuanian military attache sent home from Moscow

The capture of hostages in Beslan

Explosion in Moscow near Rizhskaya underground station

Two passenger aircraft crash within minutes of each other after take-off from Moscow

Insurgents attack in Ingushetia

Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov killed in a bomb blast in Grozny

Explosion rips through subway car in Moscow metro

Russian special service employees arrested in Qatar charged with Yandarbiev's murder

Terrorist attack in Samara market

Slovakia sends Russian diplomat home

Another Russian diplomat thrown out from Latvia

Estonia sends two Russian diplomats home

Three Russian diplomats sent home from Lithuania

Explosion in the Moscow underground

Sutyagin sentenced to 15 years

FSB pays third visit weekly "Versyia"

Structural changes to the FSB

Amendments to laws "On FSB" and "On Foreign Intelligence" adopted

Aryan Erkel released


Intelligence officer Alexander Zaporozhsky accused of espionage to the US

Suicide bomb attack at hotel "National"

Terrorist attack in Essentuki: electric train blown up

Three Serbian Army Investigation Officers arrested and charged with spying for Russia

Military hospital in Mozdok bombed

Terrorist attack on 1-st Tver-Jamskoya in Moscow

Suicide bombing at Tushinskaya, Moscow

Trepashkin against the FSB

SVR documents discovered in Bagdad

FSNP and Federal agency for government communication and information are abolished, FPS is transferred to the FSB


Military intelligence agent Sypachev found guilty for spying for CIA

The third secretary of Embassy of the USA is caught recruiting scientist

Sweden sends two Russian diplomats home for espionage

Jan Parr arrested in Britain, accused of working with the Russians

The Japanese failed to arrest Russian spy

FSB against the Perm newspaper "Star"

FSB against newspaper "Versiya"

Catholic priests expelled from Russia

Kalugin sentenced to 15 years in absentia

Litvinenko sentenced to 3,5 years in absentia

Berezovsky presents proofs against the FSB

Hostage-taking of the theatre on Dubrovka during the Nord-Ost show in Moscow


FSB: turkish special services involved in capture of the plane Tu-154

Two turkish spies caught in Stavropol

Victor Kalyadin convicted of espionage

Terrorists seize bus on Stavropol

Russian agent in the Finnish army is unmasked

Terrorist attacks in Mineralnie vody, Essentuki and Cherkessk

Russian arrested in Swedenm suspected of spying

FBI employee Hanssen accused of espionage for Russia

Bombing at "Belarusskaya" undeground station in Moscow

Russian Federation First Secretary at the United Nations Tretyakov defects to the US

Pasko condemned

Tu-154 targeted above Black sea

FSB budjet cut

Litvinenko's book "FSB blows up Russia" published

American teacher thrown out from Omsk

Russia has no remain spy satellites in orbit

Chechens capture of Istanbul hotel

Scientist from Krasnoyarsk Danilov accused of espionage

The FSB against Limonov

Germany joins the search for Russian spies

Russian diplomats expelled from the US

Diplomat flees to Canada

The Russian diplomats in Bulgaria accused of espionage

Financial intelligence service created

Siloviki shakeup

Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The management of operation in the Chechen Republic handed over to FSB director

Only the courts have the right to authorize search and arrests

Arbi Baraev killed

The FSB hire informers

Mine attack on the Volga dam prevented


Air Force Lieutenant colonel Avramenko accused of high treason

"Student" from Lithuania trying to break the FSB's computer network

Edmond Pope accused of espionage

Captain of the Baltic fleet Sergey Velichko accused of spying for Swedish special services

An English-Estonian spy Valery Oyamyae arrested in Moscow

Russian spy arrested in Japan

Two Russian diplomats expelled from Estonia for spying

New blast in Moscow, Pushkin square

Russian diplomats expelled from Poland

Ex-colonel of the US army Trofimoff arrested on charges of working for Soviet intelligence

Former chief of Chechnya Administration Apti Batalov discovered in the conspirational FSB appartments

Scandal around FSB autumn training in Ryazan

"Radio Svoboda" journalist Babitsky captured in Chechnya

New deputies in FSB

Lebedev appointed SVR director

Powers of tax police expanded

Moscow security departments leaders discharged

Russian spy aircrafts “disclosed” Kitty-Hawk

Putin's murder reported to be prevented

FSB accuses demining organization Halo-Trust of training insurgents in Chechnya

FSB takes part in campaign against Gusinsky's Media Most

Chechen field commanders captured by FSB


Sutyagin arrested by FSB

US Embassy officer Cherry Libernight exposed as spy

FSB capture more Estonian spies

Appartments bombings in Moscow

US Naval forces sergeant King arrested by FBI on charges of spying for Russia

Russian diplomat Gusev exposed as spy in the US

FSB versus professor Soyfer

FSB investigates Left radicals' activities

Nikolai Patrushev appointed FSB director

New departments in FSB established: Department to Protect the Constitutional System and Combat Terrorism and Directorate of Assistance Programs

Grigorov appointed Gostekhkomissiya chief

Commission on military and industrial points re-created

Ivanov replaced Putin as Security Council secretary

Soltaganov chosen as FSNP director

Matyukhin replaced Starovoitov as FAPSI director

Putin appointed as secretary of Security Council

Tax police attaks the company "Premier SV"


Estonian spy Ville Sonn detained in Pskov by FSB

Foreign Ministry official Valentin Moiseyev arrested on charges for spying for South Korea

Trial of GRU officers who sold satellite photos to MOSSAD

Russian diplomats expelled from Norway

Russian diplomats expelled from Finland

Trial of ANB officer Boon for spying for the USSR

FSB officers at URPO unit accused FSB's leadership of ordering to kill Berezovsky

FSB introduces SORM-2 (system of monitoring emails)

FSB constitutional security department re-established

FAPSI director changed

FSB director - Putin

Sovbez secretary - Bordyugha

Sovbez secretary - Kokoshi

Gostekhkomissiya chief - former chairman of General Staff Kolesnikov


American - Bliss – arrested in Rostov on espionage charges

"Initiative person" - RVSN officer Dudnik

Aeroflot representative accused of spying for Zimbambwe

Trial of CIA agent Makarov

English agent Sentsov is sentenced to 10 years

Gendler tried in Israel for spying for the USSR

Military journalist Pasko accused by FSB

Korabelnikov appointed GRU chief

URPO is created under FSB

Federal Protective Service (FSO) established


Foreign Ministry official Platon Obukhov arrested on charges of spying for Great Britain, four British expelled

FBI agent Earl Pits arrested for spying for Russia

ANB officer Stephen Lipka unmasked as Russian agent

Diplomat Dushak expelled from Switzerland

CIA officer Nicholson arrested for spying for Russia

Diplomat Andreyev expelled from Estonia

FSB versus Nikitin and "Belluna"

FAPSI general Monastyretsky charged in corruption by FSB

Former external intelligence agent Galkin arrested in USA

GUSP created

Tax police department renamed FSNP

Kovalev named as FSB director

Barsukov and Korzhakov Discharged

Security Council secretary - Rybkin

Security Council secreatary - Lebed

Trubnikov appointed SVR director

Scandal over "xerox boxes"

Kizlyar - Pervomayskoye: Raduyev raid

GRU assassinates Chechen President Dudayev


FSB director - Barsukov

Antiterrorist enter created at the FSB

Budennovsk: Basayev raid


CIA officer Aims arrested for spying for Russia

Operation "Face to the snow"


Tax police department created

Security Council secretary - Lobov

Security Council secretary - Shaposhnikov

Bely Dom (White House) stormed


Skokov - First Security Council secretary

Security Council established

Gostekhkomissiya created

GUO chief - Barsukov

GRU chief - Ladygin

GUO created


Five diplomats expelled from Norway, including KGB resident

GRU colonel Lunyov defects

SVR director - Primakov

FAPSI created

Government communication committee formed