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Terrorist attacks


In Russia







  • Two truck bombs explode outside the British HSBC Bank and the British Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey killing 27 and wounding more than 450.
  • In two separate attacks a gunmen kills a Spanish military attache in Baghdad, while a car bomb explodes outside an Iraqi police station killing 8 and wounding 40.
  • A truck loaded with Iraqi ordinance is exploded outside the UN Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq killing 23 and wounding more than a hundred.
  • A car bomb explodes outside the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq killing 19 and wounding 65.
  • A car bomb explodes outside the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia killing 10 and wounding 150.
  • 12 suicide bombers attack 5 targets in Casablanca, Morocco killing 43 and wounding more than a hundred.
  • Suicide bombers killed 34, including 8 Americans, at housing compounds for Westerners in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • A car bomb explodes outside a discotheque in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia killing 202 and wounding 300.
  • Three suicide bombers in a car attack the Paradise Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya killing 15 and wounding 40. On the same day and in the same city, two shoulder fired missiles are shot at a commercial airliner as it takes off. Both missiles miss.
  • A suicide bomber detonates a truck bomb outside a synagogue in Djerba, Tunisia. 16 are dead and 26 are injured, mostly German tourists.
  • A car bomb explodes near the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru killing 9 and wounding 32.


  • A Russian airliner is hijacked by three Chechens during a flight from Istanbul to Moscow. The plane is forced to land in Medina, Saudi Arabia where it remains for 22 hours. Saudi security personnel storm the plane, killing a hijacker, a passenger and a flight attendant.






  • Aug. 7, Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: truck bombs exploded almost simultaneously near 2 U.S. embassies, killing 224 (213 in Kenya and 11 in Tanzania) and injuring about 4,500.





  • A bomb aboard a fuel truck explodes outside a U.S. air force installation in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. 19 U.S. military personnel are killed in the Khubar Towers housing facility, and 515 are wounded, including 240 Americans.


  • A car-bomb in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills seven people, five of them American military and civilian advisers for National Guard training. The "Tigers of the Gulf," "Islamist Movement for Change," and "Fighting Advocates of God" claim responsibility.






  • А bomb in a van explodes in the underground parking garage in New York's World Trade Center, killing six people and wounding 1,042