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Fighting terrorism 

How secret services and terrorist organisations are changing. Human Rights aspect. 

Head of project - Irina Borogan

Everyday special services need to invent something new for effective fight against terrorism. Its important that special services have to stay in low limits in this fight. Today countries across the world increasingly turn their attention and resources to counter terrorism, and it is essential to reaffirm states obligation to protect human rights in this work.

The report of the UN High Level Panel on Threats noted that the global counter terrorism effort has in some instances corroded the very values that terrorists target: human rights and the rule of law and has called attention to the vital need for a legal framework that is respectful of civil liberties and human rights in this international effort.  Governments have the right and obligation to protect their citizens from terrorism and to conduct investigations into terrorist acts in order to identify those responsible and bring them to justice. In that effort, governments must defend the very principles that terrorism and violence assault. In prosecuting the alleged perpetrators, governments must themselves uphold the rule of law, including their international human rights commitments, many of which remain absolute even in times of the greatest national emergency. 

Human Rights Watchs letter to UN Counter-Terrorism Committee focused on Russia and Uzbekistan, both countries that have endured horrific acts of terrorism in recent years. And in both countries, the governments egregious human rights violations have undermined effective counterterrorism strategies. 

HRW asserts:

- The Russian government treats the ongoing conflict in Chechnya as a counterterrorism campaign. While it faces a genuine danger of terrorism, the government has itself committed atrocities such as murders of civilians, forced disappearances, the use of indiscriminate force, incommunicado detention, and torture and ill-treatment of prisonersall in the name of the war on terror. Moscow has resisted the call to bring perpetrators of human rights abuse to justice, thus further alienating and marginalizing the Chechen population. 

Mission of Agentura.Ru Studies and Research Centre is monitoring of changes in counter terrorism policy.

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