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Center for defense information

President - Bruce G. Blair, Ph.D

CDI was founded in 1972 by recently-retired, senior U.S. military officers. CDI became an independent monitor of the Pentagon, and a watchdog on wasteful defense spending. In the 1980s, it played an active role in the debate about U.S. nuclear arms programs, such as the deployment of the MX mobile missile. CDI worked with grass-roots groups, state governors, church leaders, civic groups and national policy-makers on these issues. CDI also is credited with having produced in the 1980s, the first detailed analysis of so-called black programs at the Pentagon - projects so secret that their budgets are hidden from public scrutiny. 

CDI has evolved into one of the foremost organizations in the nation conducting security-related research - and is unique among major think tanks in its policy of total independence from vested interests. 

The Board of Directors and staff include retired military officers, former U.S. government officials, and civilian experts in a wide range of domestic and international security, defense and military arenas. 

Through a variety of publications and services, CDI provides information and analyses to policy-makers around the globe - including the U.S. Congress, government, international agencies, the media and the public. On television, radio, the Internet, and in print, CDI serves as an authoritative, impartial monitor of global security issues, while continuing to meet the increasing worldwide demand for information and independent ideas. 


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